Body Treatments


Eye and Facial Care

Patch test required 24 hours prior to tinting and perming.

  • Eyelash tinting – £18.00
  • Eyelash Lift – £40.00
  • Eyebrow tinting – £11.00
  • Eyebrow shape – wax – £11.00
  • Microblading – £300.00 (Price includes your initial appointment plus a top up after 4 weeks)
    Microblading feather touch is a revolutionary tattooing technique that creates natural, feathery hair strokes with permanent make-up. Sparse eyebrows and gaps in between hair can be beautifully filled in with the appropriate shade for any hair color and skin tone! This unique tool is designed to create dimension in the brows, rather than a solid color application, for a more natural and authentic look. The effects last up to 12 months after which the pigment fades leaving the skin and your natural brows exactly as they were.
  • Eyebrow tint and shape (combo) – £18.00
  • Eyelash and Eyebrow tint (combo) – £23.00
  • Cheeks – £13.00
  • Nostril wax – £8.00


  • Full leg – £31.00
  • Three quarter Leg – £24.00
  • Half leg – £21.00
  • Bikini – £15.00
  • Brazilian – £28.00
  • Hollywood – £31.00

All intimate waxing can be carried out using strip wax or hot wax.

  • Under arm – £13.00
  • Upper lip or chin – £11.00
  • Lip and chin – £17.00
  • Full arm – £18.00
  • Half arm – £13.00
  • Back or Chest – £27.00


  • Eyebrow shape – £11.00
  • Upper lip or chin – £11.00
  • Lip and chin – £17.00

Fake Bake Tan

This tanning treatment is designed to provide a relaxing experience for the client. Consisting of an exfoliation, targeted moisturisation and self tan application.

  • Full body – £40.00
  • Half body (upper or lower) – £25.00


  • Indian head massage – 30 mins – £38.00
  • Full body massage – 60 mins – £48.00
  • Back, neck and shoulder massage – 30 mins – £33.00


    Reiki is an energy healing practice that is usually done by a Reiki practitioner placing their hands in a series of positions on, or slightly above the body. Reiki promotes healing by activating the bodys natural relaxation response, thus helping the body to balance itself on a very deep level. Reiki encourages balance in mind, body and emotions (spirit).
    As a Reiki practitioner, Kelly will work mainly with the bodies 7 main chakras helping to balance these in a gentle way. After your treatment she can discuss anything that was brought to her attention during your treatment.

  • 45 mins – £45.00

Hopi Ear Candle

A cleansing treatment for the ears that can help hay fever, ear problems such as wax build up, sinusitis and relieve headaches.

  • 30 mins – £33.00

Nouveau Eyelash Extensions

  • Full set of individual Eyelashes (2.5 hour appointment) – £65.00
  • Infiills – £35.00
  • Full set of Russian Eyelashes (2.5 hour appointment) – £70.00
  • Infiills – £40.00

Dermalogica Treatments

Dermalogica is known as the “professionals choice” devoted to skin health using only the finest ingredients, designed for specific concers to achieve results. All products are non-comedogenic and contain no occlusive mineral oil or lanolin, norirritating artificial colours or fragrance. Using the unique face mapping skin analysis, our therapists are able to determine the exact skincare regime to suit your skin and any concerns you may have.

  • Face Mapping® Skin Analysis – 10 mins – FREE

Our Face Mapping® skin analysis takes all the guesswork out of getting results. Our Dermalogica skin therapist will diagnose your skin’s concerns and prescribe a no-nonsense home care and treatment regimen to deliver your optimum skin health in your 14 unique zones. A professional consultation that reveals your skin’s past, present… and healthiest future.

  • Prescription Facial – 75 mins – £50.00

This introductory facial is ideal for your first appointment, your therapist will perform the face mapping skin analysis and determine the skin care range to suit your concerns. As Dermalogica professionals, we may choose from the following Dermalogica segmented lines to create the ultimate skin result:

AGE smart®
Are the signs of ageing more prevalent on your skin? AGE Smart® will give it a revitalising power boost to firm, smooth, nourish, regenerate and energise while controlling the biochemical triggers that lead to skin ageing.

The Dermalogica UltraCalming™ products are serious relief for sensitised skin that calms, soothes and replenishes the most aggravated, irritated, inflamed skin.

MediBac Clearing®
It’s the end of the line for adult acne with this powerful line of products that will jump-start acne clearing and help prevent acne well beyond the treatment.

PowerBright TRx™
Clearer, smoother, brighter skin. Treat hyperpigmentation issues at the core. Resurface the complexion and promote clarity with this powerful treatment that guarantees luminous skin.

  • Express Facial – 30 mins – £32.00

Customised just for you this facial is designed to address your skins needs and achieve maximum results in minimal time.

Bio Sculpture

Bio Sculpture Gel is a one-component nail treatment that strengthens, promotes growth and actually helps nourish your own natural nails. Applied onto a prepared nail, Bio Sculpture gel cures under a UVA light, leaving the nail strong but flexible with a natural glossy finish.

Bio Sculpture Gel can be used on the natural nail if you are happy with the length, and sculptured (extend) if they are a little bit short. This will cause no damage to the natural nail once removed, and will also help the natural nail to grow underneath.

Unlike most other nail systems there are no acidic primers or filing of your natural nail and no acrylic or acrylic gels which can damage and weaken your own nails.


  • Clear or Colour gel overlay – £42.00
  • French Finish gel overlay – £47.00
  • Nail sculpture (lengthen) – per finger – £3.00
  • Nail sculpture (lengthen) – full set – £56.00
  • Nail art – From £42.00
  • Gel removal (includes cuticle work) – £10.00

EVO Gel Polish

  • Clear, Colour or French finish – £25.00
  • EVO removal (includes cuticle work) – £5.00


  • Nail, Shape and Paint – £18.00
  • Deluxe Manicure and Varnish – £31.00
    Includes exfoliant, massage, mask and paint.
  • Deluxe Pedicure and Varnish – £35.00
    Includes pedi rasp, exfoliant, massage, mask and paint.
  • Luxury Pedicure and Varnish – £41.00
    Includes pedi rasp,callus peel, exfoliant, massage, mask and paint.
  • Callus Peel – £22.00
    Includes cuticle work
  • Callus Peel and Varnish – £26.00
    Includes cuticle work
  • Gel Polish Application – £10.00
    EVO Gel Polish can be added to any manicure or pedicure, leaving your nails instantly dry and more hard wearing.

Mii Make Up

What is beauty?

Beauty is often simply about having the confidence to be yourself and the Mii cosmetic range allows you to be that.  It makes you beautiful whoever you are. Giving you the confidence to create a look that is uniquely and completely you. So, when you look in the mirror you can say… “that’s Mii”.

  • Mii make up application for a special occasion – 45 mins – £40.00
  • Mii make up lesson – 60 mins – £45.00
  • Mii bridal consultation and trial – 75 mins – £50.00
  • Mii bridal make up on day – 45 mins – prices on consultation